and an Interview with coque huawei p20 motif ananas Marco Arment Overcast, Marco Arment popular podcast app for iOS, is defined by an interesting dualism: its essence has remained remarkably consistent with the original version released three years ago; at the same time, Arment has periodically revisited Overcast design, features, and business model to build a superior listening environment for a coque iphone 7 rouge silicone larger audience. The same judicious iteration permeates Overcast 3.0, launching today on the App Store. With improvements to episode management, visual changes aimed at modernizing the interface, and an evolution of the existing subscription based model, coque protection huawei p30 lite Overcast 3.0 is another thoughtful combination of new ideas and old tropes, which converge in a refreshed yet instinctively familiar coque iphone shay mitchell listening experience. coque huawei While Overcast 3.0 may not look drastically different from version 2.5 (launched in March), there are several visual tweaks coque huawei p30 lite silicone meant to transition coque iphone 5cs the app design language from iOS 7 to iOS 10. It starts with the app icon, which has been redesigned to host a smaller circular shape. custodia iphone cover The change is subtle, but it in line with other modern iOS apps.1 Overcast old icon (top) vs. coque iphone the redesign in 3.0. More importantly, Overcast flow has been rebuilt around the concept of cards in lieu of nested screens. Following Apple implementation of stacked views in Apple Music and the iMessage App Store for iOS 10, Arment has adopted a similar approach for every non list page in Overcast 3.0: the Now Playing screen, settings, downloads, and recommendations now appear as cards that slide up from the bottom of the UI while the previously viewed screen recedes in the background and is detached from the status bar. The new Overcast (right) uses a card like UI inspired by Apple Music. As I wrote in my iOS 10 review, I a fan of this card like appearance, and coque iphone 5c asteque I was hoping coque iphone 5s a imprimer more developers would use it in their apps. In many ways, Arment take on stacked cards is preferable to Apple while still not interruptible, the animation has a shorter execution time and the card can be dismissed with coque iphone t a downward swipe or by pulling from the left edge of the screen. As a result, Apple Music and Overcast may share a similar Non Playing view, but Arment version feels snappier and more comfortable to use.2 Two design styles: Apple Music and pylones coque iphone 4 Overcast (left, right) vs. cover iphone Apple Podcasts. Other functional improvements are poised to make Overcast a better iOS 10 citizen, too. Overcast 3.0 has a widget, which allows you to see what playing, resume playback, and keep an eye on upcoming episodes from your Up Next queue (more on this below). The widget design isn too imaginative, but it gets the job done; it nice to have more controls on the Home screen. When scrolling a list of episodes, you can now peek and pop an episode description and show notes with 3D Touch. iphone 6 6s plus hoesje I long wished for an easier way to quickly preview the contents of an episode, and this is it. Plus, by swiping the peek card vertically, you access shortcuts to play an episode or delete it. There also support for rich notifications in iOS 10: when a new episode from your subscriptions comes in, you can expand its notification to reveal the show artwork, episode information, and actionable buttons to play the episode or add it to your queue for later. coque iphone Rich notifications in Overcast 3.0. I interact with Overcast primarily by browsing the app; I dislike enabling notifications for podcasts, but I can see why others will appreciate coque iphone entreprise the increased interactivity of episode alerts. The most notable visual and practical change in Overcast 3.0, however, is the new episode action tray. Inspired by Tweetbot tap to reveal action drawer in the timeline, Overcast action bar groups and simplifies actions that were previously hidden behind swipe gestures or other menus nested in an episode page. coque iphone Upon tapping an episode in a list, sleo coque huawei p30 Overcast will display buttons to share, star, play, add to queue, and delete the selected coque iphone 5c cat item. The tray animation coque iphone se épaisse doesn have the same polished 3D effect of Tweetbot, but it just as convenient as a gateway to oft used actions. By switching the tap coque iphone 4s silicone lego behavior on an episode cell to unfold a contextual menu, Arment has also eliminated much of Overcast old UI anxiety: accidentally tapping an episode no longer interrupts coque iphone bois recyclé what you listening to without a chance to cancel. This two stage interface adds another step to Overcast interaction scheme, but it also better signals the user intention and removes a lot of complexity from the app. Directly tied to the action tray are Overcast new queuing and playlist management features. iphone 7 8 plus hoesje In Overcast 3.0, you can add an episode to Up Next (which will immediately play jonwelsy coque huawei p30 after the current one) or save it to the bottom of the coque iphone 4 fermer queue. Both coque iphone 6 avec fenetre Up Next and Queue are options available in the playlist button of the action bar; the Queue playlist is automatically created by Overcast upon queuing an episode for the first time. Overcast new queuing features don act as the defining characteristic of this update; unlike Castro 2, which revolves around a novel concept of triaging and queuing, Queue and Up Next in Overcast are just options integrated with the app more traditional approach to browsing and managing episodes. However, I enjoyed Overcast unsurprising but functional implementation of queuing (particularly thanks to actions in rich notifications), and I feel like I spend most of my time listening from the app Queue playlist going forward. Speaking of which, reordering episodes in a playlist is easier in Overcast 3.0 thanks to always visible drag handles next to each episode. coque huawei The ability to quickly reorder episodes in a playlist is especially useful in conjunction with Overcast faster Watch app. Overcast has been rewritten for watchOS 3 (it starts up in a second on my Apple Watch Series 2) and there a button to view upcoming episodes from the currently active playlist (whether it the queue, a playlist, or a show individual episode list). Finally, Overcast 3.0 features a redesigned Now Playing view with pagination in the top half of the screen. Vertical scrolling in the Now Playing page is gone; now, you swipe right to tweak audio settings and swipe left to view episode descriptions, show coque iphone 5s liquide amazon notes, and links to embedded chapters. The new paginated Now Playing screen in Overcast 3.0. iphone 6 6s hoesje I see the refreshed Now Playing screen as an overall coque iphone trey songz improvement it splits up controls and coque huawei p20 pro semi rigide text content in dedicated areas and it allows a sloppy vertical swipe to always dismiss the Now Playing card, which feels nice. custodia ipod cover Page indicators are hidden if an episode includes chapters. I have one reservation, though: while episodes without chapters hint at pagination through page indicators below the show artwork, these indicators aren displayed if an episode contains chapters. As chapters continue to gain popularity among podcast producers, I believe some users will be confused by the design change as they won be able to discover the Now Playing pages at all. Page indicators should always be displayed for consistency and discoverability. Overcast 3.0 may not come with the same coque iphone 5 breizh number of major additions as version 2.0 (which brought support for chapters and streaming), but it a better iOS 10 app that fixes longstanding shortcomings and makes everything easier and speedier. coque samsung If you didn like Overcast before, version 3.0 likely won change your mind. But as someone who used the app every day since it first launched, Overcast 3.0 offers solid improvements that continue to make it my favorite podcast app for iOS. Overcast 3.0 is available on the App Store. In writing this story, I had a chance to ask Marco Arment a few questions about the evolution of Overcast business model, ads, and integration with coque iphone 5 hm iOS 10.